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The Chai Company, of British Columbia, Canada, starts with a recipe from the famed Karakorum region of Pakistan. They use whole spices, organtic tea, and organic cane juice, with no additives or preservatives. In addition to cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, ginger and cane juice sweetener, The Chai Company adds vanilla and molassess for an interesting, mellow sweet/spice balance. They also favor a slow brewing method, which goes hand in hand with The Chai Company's priciples of slow food slowing down to rediscover taste. The Chai Company utilizes Fair Trade Certified and Organic ingredients.

Note: These chai concentrates feature a more concentrated 1:3 ratio rather than the standard 1:1 ratio. (If you prefer not to include so much milk, you can simply substitute some water for a portion of the milk.)
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Photo of Variety Pack Super Concentrate Twelve Cartons by The Chai Company The Chai Company: 12 Carton Variety Pack Chai Latte Concentrate

Mix and match the selections any way you prefer. Customize a 12 carton case. A great way to sample all the flavors!

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