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The Chai Company: 12 Carton Variety Pack Chai Latte Concentrate
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Gluten Free

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1:3 Ratio

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The Chai Company 12 Carton Variety Pack - $119.95

Use the drop-down menus above to choose the flavors of our popular Chai Company Concentrate. Mix and match the selections any way you prefer. Customize a 12 carton case.

Attributes: Certified Kosher & Organic, 70% Fair Trade Ingredients
Format: Liquid Chai 1 to 3 Ratio Concentrate
Brand: The Chai Company

Authentic : Based on a traditional recipe we discovered in Pakistan's famed Karakoram region. You'll agree that this chai provides just the right balance of sweetness and spice.

Rooibos : Combines the great taste of organic South African rooibos with the smooth spicy flavor of chai. It's full of flavor, not too sweet and best of all it's 100% caffeine free.

Spicy Oolong : Spicier than our Authentic chai, but it remains balanced with our signature slow brewing process. The result is a delicious chai with lingering warmth and subtle sweetness.

Grizzly : Half the sweet and double the spice of our Original Authentic recipe.

Additional information

The Chai Company is committed to the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect for our employees and our environment. Our chai concentrates are made with fair trade, organic ingredients. You will also notice that our chai uses a higher mixing ratio than most other concentrates. We brew a highly concentrated chai with the environment in mind. Less water in our concentrate means less packaging, which means fewer trucks on the road and less post-consumer waste. It also means better value for our customers. Enjoy.

Note: This chai concentrate is a standard 1:3 ratio.


Photo Of How To Prepare ChaiShake Carton.
Add 1 part of concentrate and 3 parts milk or milk substitute.

Heat in Microwave. Stir and enjoy!
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Grizzly Chai

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