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Chai Review Nov 5th, 2015
Chai Review Nov 5th, 2015


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Review: Tipu's Black Unsweetened Chai Tea Latte

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Nice cup of strong chai, at the lower end of the sweetness scale. Tipu's Instant Black Chai has as strong a spice component... the strongest of all our taste testing! The sweetness component seems entirely delivered by the milk itself, so it is only mildly sweet. Yet, as the directions suggest mixing this with 100% milk, the sweetness level is more than adequate with a nicely balanced, creamy result. In my opinion, this is the best authentic chai of the instant variety I have yet tried. You may want to strain this chai however, as it contains some particles that do not fully dissolve. If you want authentic Indian chai with strong spices and low in sweetness, try this one.

Troy the Chai-Direct Chai Tasting Guy

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