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Tipu's Chai: Decaf Slow Brew Black Tea Chai Latte Dry Mix
Photo of Decaf Slow Brew Traditional Chai Latte Mix by Tipu's Chai

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20 Serving Box (8 oz cups)     [$7.54]
Case of Four 20 Serving Boxes     [$30.87]


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Loose Leaf

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Sugar Free

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Gluten Free

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Tipu's Decaffeinated Slow Brew Indian Chai

Our most traditional blend Decaffeinated, Slow Brew Original is made with full-bodied organic Assam tea and non-irradiated spices, crafted for comforting home-brewed masala chai. Brew slowly on your stovetop, add milk and sweetener, and then strain for a perfect cupful of healthy, antioxidant-rich chai tea. Brew a larger batch and chill for an award-winning iced chai.

Same Great Tipu flavor but with New Packaging!

- Uses organic tea and non-irradiated spices - Chemical and preservative free - ALL NATURAL

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Attributes: Kosher Certified, USDA Organic, Non Certified Vegan, Decaf
Format: Dry Brew Chai Tea
Brand: Tipu's Authentic Indian Chai

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Photo Of How To Prepare Chai1) Combine 2 cups of water with 1 teaspoon chai. Bring to a boil
2) Add 2/3 cup milk or soy and simmer for 3 minutes.

3) Add a sweetner of your choice. Yum!
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  • Organic decaffeinated black tea and Organic spices.

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