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Oregon Chai
Oregon Chai is one of the biggest chai brewers in the US. The story began in 1994 with four women and a trip to India. Now the company is owned by Kerry, Inc., yet strives to maintain the integrity of the original chai products. Most Oregon Chai concentrates are over 90% organic and carry the USDA Organic seal. Sugar-Free Original, made with the sweetener Splenda, is the only concentrate that is not organic and all natural. Chai Direct is happy to offer the full line of Oregon Chai products, to individuals as well as coffee-houses.
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Photo of Variety Case of Twelve 32 Ounce Bottles of Liquid Concentrate Chai by Oregon Chai Oregon Chai: 12 Carton Variety Pack Chai Latte Concentrate

Mix and match the selections any way you prefer. Customize a 6 pack case of 32 oz cartons. A great way to sample all of the flavors!

Our Price: $61.00