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Chai Review Nov 5th, 2015
Chai Review Nov 5th, 2015


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Review: Pixie Mate' Yerba Black Tea Chai Concentrate

What is this?

Pixie Mate's "Mate Chai Latte" concentrate is a solid, strong microbrew. First, it adds the stronger taste of Yerba Mate, an herb from South America which has been made into a tea sort of beverage for centuries, and which has a reputation to increasing wakefulness (like coffee, except without the jitters or the crash). Some claim that Yerba Mate has "no caffeine" but in fact, it does have Matein, a stereoisomer of caffeine. In any case, regardless of it's similarities and differences with the standard form of caffeine, Yerba Mate has an amount of this less than brewed coffee, probably closer to that of black tea.

In addition to Yerba Mate, the spices in this concentrate are jacked up a fairly high degree, but not over the top. The flavor that seems to predominate is a clear yet mellow cloves flavoring, made complex with the addition of other balancing spices. While it is not "unsweet" by any means, sweetness is definitely NOT the principle taste. Rather it seems to balance and eliminate the inherent bitterness of Yerba Mate. The result is a full bodied, complex flavor, with a "softened clove" taste as the single most identifiable element. The chai's heartiness is echoed by a slightly darker than normal color that it exhibits when mixed with milk.

Troy the Chai-Direct Chai Tasting Guy

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So Happy to Have Found ThisSeptember 18, 2015
Reviewer: Kerida O. from Palatine, IL
I've been looking for mate concentrate everywhere, and I'm so happy to have found it.

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