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Chai Review Nov 5th, 2015
Chai Review Nov 5th, 2015


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Review: Twinings of LondonĀ® Ultra Spice Chai Tea

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The Twinings Ultra Spice chai tea bags are noticeably stronger than Twinings regular chai, but that's still not saying a lot in terms of strength of the tea. Even allowed a long steeping time in a small cup (6 oz) of water, Twinings Ultra Spice is just verging on an entry level of knowing it is in fact a cup of chai, in my humble opinion. I'd recommend using this one over the regular Twinings chai bags. Furthermore, to brew a 10 oz cup, try doubling up on the tea bags if you want to know it's chai you are drinking. Of course, for a traditional cup, you will also have to substitute some milk in place of 1/2 the water and add a bit of sweetener. But for comparison purposes here, I have brewed all the tea bag chai in water with no sweeteners.

Troy the Chai-Direct Chai Tasting Guy

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