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Chai Tea Vs Coffee

WATER is perhaps our most precious commodity. Any farmer in the drought-hit areas of China, America or Kenya knows this only too well.

Consumers are finally becoming aware of the total environmental impact of certain mass produced goods in regard to energy consumption and pollution. Yet they might be surprised to learn how much water is needed to create some daily goods.

A cup of coffee, for example, needs a great deal more water than that poured into the pot. It is estimated that 1,120 cups of water go into producing a single cup of the beverage! This calculation includes growing the beans, harvesting and packaging the product, delivery, and so forth.

By contrast, only 120 cups go into making the same amount of tea - about 1/10th the environmental impact! For more on the environmental impact regarding water consumption of tea, coffee and other goods, see Water Footprint and The Economist Magazine.

Another very important factor regarding environmental impact is whether the manufacturers endorse the Fair Trade movement, which supports a sustainable production model and protects the natural resources of the production countries. All the brewers represented on Chai Direct clearly indicate whether or not their products are Fair Trade Certified.

At Chai Direct, we want you - the consumer - to be fully informed about every aspect of the products you are purchasing.