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Sattwa Chai
Sattwa (sawt-wa) is a Sanskrit word referring to universal life force of balance, or harmony. The Sattwa Chai company was a pioneer among chai brewers since 1994, and still remains family owned and operated in the foothills of the Oregon Coastal Range. Sattwa Chai uses 100% organic tea and spices, with no additives of any kind. Sattwa Chai tea is also Fair Trade Certified. In addition, a portion of Sattwa sales are donated by the company to life-supportive projects around the world.
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Photo of Traditional Chai Flavor Liquid Concentrate by Sattwa Chai Sattwa Chai: Traditional Chai Tea Latte Liquid Concentrate

Sattwa Chai is micro-brewed with 100% real organic tea and spices. No additives of any kind. This accounts for its vibrant flavors and many health-giving benefits. Our tea is both organic and Fair Trade Certified.

Attributes: Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients
Format: Liquid Chai 1 to 1 Ratio Concentrate

Photo of Taste Rating Bold 5 Spice 5 Sweet 7

Photo of Sun Chai Brew Tea Latte by Sattwa Sattwa Chai: Sun Chai Tea Latte (Brew Tea)

Sattwa Sun is a cup of pure love dedicated to serious chai drinkers around the world! Exquisitely blended using Organic Fair Trade Certified Black Tea Sattwa Sun is the finest, tastiest, masala chai on the market.

Attributes: Organic & Fair Trade Certified
Format: Dry Brew Chai Tea

Photo of Taste Rating Bold 6 Spice 3 Sweet 4