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Tazo Chai LatteChai Direct Taste-O-Meter Reviews

Blue Lotus Chai: Traditional Masala Black Tea Dry Mix Tazo: Chai Latte Black Tea Liquid Concentrate
Photo of Traditional Masala Chai by Blue Lotus Photo of Chai Flavor Liquid Concentrate by Tazo

We believe that traditional masala chai should taste authentic and delicious! That's why we have created a unique, clean and flavorful chai blend. Free of all sugars, milk powders, artificial flavors or colors, and other undesirable additives.

Attributes: Non GMO Certified, Gluten Free, Vegan
Format: Dry Brew Chai Tea

Photo of Taste Rating Bold 6 Spice 10 Sweet 0

A rich blend of flavorful teas, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom & vanilla. This blend of black teas and spices will fill your senses. Just blend with milk and let the day take you wherever you want!

Attributes: Certified Kosher
Format: Liquid Chai 1 to 1 Ratio Concentrate

Photo of Taste Rating Bold 3 Spice 4 Sweet 7
David Rio Chai: Orca Spice Sugar Free Chai Latte Dry Mix
Photo of Orca Spice Sugar Free Chai Latte Mix by David Rio

David Rio's original sugar-free chai is a rich and creamy mixture of black tea and premium spices and made with zero calorie, zero carbs Splenda®. It is delicately blended into a convenient mix. Simply mix with hot water or milk.

Attributes: Sugar Free, No Hydrogenated Oils, No Trans Fats, Gluten Free
Format: Dry Chai Mix

Photo of Taste Rating Bold 4 Spice 4 Sweet 6